Every Business Can Occasionally
Use Some Help

Get The Support You Want

If you are like most business owners you will have real strengths in some parts of the business, but not in others. That's pretty normal. As your business grows you need to hire in the expertise you need in order to move forward. But it can be hard to let go of part of the business to someone else.

That's when a Business Coach can add real value to your business. You see, Business Coaching is not the same as hiring a consultant. It's not about hiring someone to get something done, it's about figuring out what needs to be done next.

Sometimes you just need someone to have a confidential chat with. Someone to bounce your business ideas off. Well that's me. If you are thinking of making some changes in your business then you should really discuss them with someone outside your business before you take the plunge.

Some see me as trainer, others see me as a professional speaker. I am also a qualified coach and a qualified project manager. How you see me will depend upon what you need when you first contact me. In truth, they are only labels. What I am is a business troubleshooter.

It doesn't matter what level your business is currently at. I know that I can help you to improve it and develop it into the type of businesss you are looking for - or I will tell you why not. You see, in essence I am a business troubleshooter. I have the gift of being able to analyse a business and figure out pretty quickly where the blockages are.

I believe that most business owners struggle because they have never taken the time to learn how the different parts of a business really fit together. You see, there are only six viable business models in the world and you have to be certain you are using the right one. You then need to divide your business into it's seven components and make sure that they are in balance.

Finally you are almost certainly ignoring one or more of the 20 Levers of Effective Business Growth. These are the levers that every successful business owner uses to manage their business. You can find out what they are in a free Home Study Seminar hosted in the club. So if you do nothing else while you are here, sign up for it. I mean it's free!

I hope your business isn't in trouble, but if it is then please let me help you. But I'm not just here for the times when things are tough. My best clients return to me time and again, not just when they are in trouble, but before they make any major changes in their business model or when they are planning any expansion or changes to their target market.

Some call me the Celtic Wizard - and I liked that name, so I kept it. I guess to some people what I do does seem like magic! So let me perform a little magic on your business today. You can reach me from the contact tab at the top of the page.

Eric Sutherland
The Celtic Wizard